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Recycling Wood & Debris

Coco Tree Service Corp offers grinding services

We use our Vermeer 6000 horizontal grinder mainly to recycle all of the debris from our tree operations. The machine grinds everything up twice to produce our quality double shredded mulch. The debris is run through our 3 to 4” screen first, then grinded again through our 1.5″ screen. This recycling operation is truley green, and our final mulch product is high quality since we are only grinding wood and brush – no dirt, stumps, or other product.


In addition to our recycling operation, we lease the grinding machine with our operators to land clearing companies and other companies that may be stock-piling wood or yard waste and need to reduce it for recycling purposes.


Coco Tree Service Corp has a long standing reputation for quality work, a quick response, and reasonable rates. Our tree company is always available for all of your tree care needs, and we offer 24 Hour emergency tree service.


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